Scottish Online Lessons

Welcome to Scottish Online Lessons. We are a remote-learning platform delivering lessons to pupils across Scotland providing much-needed help to catch up after the pandemic.

Our game-changing platform makes learning outside the classroom simple and easy with each lesson delivered by a member of our outstanding Scottish teacher team. As Scottish Education Professionals, we are passionate about narrowing Scotland's attainment gap among young people, which is why our offline learning platform is accessible to all. 

“It’s bright and colourful, easy to read, and extremely easy to use unlike most textbooks or online learning websites.” Daisy, S3 Pupil

There is a lot more to love about SOL, which is why we wanted to share some other reasons to SIGN UP today! 

Lesson for all.

Our revolutionary platform delivers lessons remotely, allowing home learning for all Scotland’s children and young people from Primary 1 to National 5. Higher Lessons will be available in August 2021. The lessons are also suitable for pupils that might face different challenges, like dyslexia and dyscalculia. 

Save the Pennies

SOL is available for anyone to use for a small licence fee of £50 per year or £5 per month (can be cancelled at any time). This includes access to the full Scottish curriculum on two devices. With just one hour of private tutoring costing £30, we know the option we would choose.

No parents required

Our platform supports learners through step-by-step teacher guidance, allowing you as the parent to step back and let your child learn independently on their own. Perfect for those still suffering from post-home-schooling nightmares. 

Content you can trust

Our lessons are developed by a team of outstanding teachers, ranging in disciplines, from all over Scotland. With 20+ years of education experience and Fernhill School by our side, each of our 800 lessons has been expertly developed and quality assured. And with our promise that the lessons strictly follow the Scottish curriculum programme, we can guarantee that your child will receive the learning that they require. 

Learn anytime, anywhere

The SOL app can be used offline, meaning it is available to all students regardless of broadband availability, bringing the classroom home for all Scottish students.